Well hello there! Remember when you used to call a good friend with good news or your brother to wish him a Happy Birthday? Remember <gasp> when you used to send birthday cards and letters in the mail? Remember what a pleasant surprise it was to come home and check your home answering machine to find that a good friend or recent date had called you, unbeknownst to you? Remember the excitement of calling them back, not sure whether or not you’d catch them, but knowing even if you didn’t, that they then would, no doubt, have something even more to tell you about where they were and what exciting (or unexciting) thing they were out and about doing?

If you’re like me–and most other people these days–it’s almost hard to remember what these things were like, because what were once little nuances in our social lives, have now mostly disappeared. And, also, if you’re like me, you’re beginning to long for those little stolen moments–the little things–simple pleasures that used to make the everyday drudge a little more worth it. With the massive boom of technology (especially socially-geared technology in the last several years), combined with harsh weather, and ridiculous news and politics along with an even more crippling recession, mankind has been slowly exhausted into losing touch with the deeper things that truly matter.

So, I have decided to create this blog as a personal experiment to push myself to really LIVE life more and phase out over-use of technology in my life. I am going to start this week by pledging to replace 3 social media posts (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc), e-cards, e-mails, or text messages with phone calls, snail mail, or a face-to-face conversation this week. Will you join me? It sounds easier than it is these days, but if you do it, I guarantee it WILL make you feel good that you did!